Tesla suddenly cuts Supercharger pricing – exactly when we need it most

Tesla's Supercharger network has lowered subscription prices

Tesla Supercharger V4
(Image credit: Tesla Charging)

One of the biggest hurdles with the best EVs isn't only range – although some cars, such as the Mercedes EQS 450+, helped cured my anxiety – it's charging cost and availability. I should know, as a Polestar 2 (dual motor long-range) owner those long-haul journeys take some extra planning. 

Tesla has long been ahead of the competition when it comes to its Superchargers charging network. And while availability may be more taxing now that more Tesla vehicles (and other EVs) are on the road, here's something to sweeten the Supercharger deal: Tesla is reducing monthly subscription costs and introducing an even more cost-effective all-new annual subscription.

The monthly Supercharger membership fee drops from £10.99 a month to £8.99 a month. If you prefer to pay annually then the new option is available at £90 for the year, saving 16% over the monthly equivalent (so two months per year for free, approximately). 

I think this is happening at exactly the right time when we all need it: charging EVs is not only slower than traditional fuels (by a considerable mark if there's a waiting line), it's often no cheaper or more expensive per mile if you're charging away from home. Cutting subscription fees and charges per kWh is the right thing to do now that energy prices are stabilising. 

So fair play to Tesla, hats off for continuing to lead the way when it comes to charging. Ionity, et al, with your ultra-high prices, do take note – otherwise Tesla will steal all your prospective customers (much to the dismay of Tesla drivers having to deal with non-Tesla EV owners who also subscribe). 

Hopefully this kind of model will have a ripple effect: because, while Tesla offers 140 Supercharger sites across the UK and Ireland (with more than 1,400 Supercharger terminals distributed among those), that number is going to have to increase for the best driver experience in an evolving EV world. And with every other competitor playing catch-up, this could be some wind in their wings to pursue a better experience and fairer pricing for all EV drivers. 

Mike Lowe
Tech Editor

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