Spotify to add free mobile streaming

Those with ad-supported accounts will no longer be restricted to their computers, report claims

Spotify is reportedly about to extend its ad-supported plan to mobile devices.

Up until now, Spotify's free accounts have been limited to being used on computers only.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the streaming company is considering allowing mobile users access to a free, ad-supported version of its service.

However, unlike the free, ad-supported desktop version, the free mobile version will share more in common with internet radio rivals like iTunes Radio and Pandora.

The service will allow users to select a couple of songs every month, but for the most part, it will act as an internet radio service.

Pandora has long had a free mobile streaming service for US-based users.

Citing sources familiar with Spotify's internal plans, the Journal claims Sony, Universal and Warner have all signed up to the plan.

In March, the streaming company revealed that it had broken through the six million subscriber mark. That was an increase of more than one million in three months.

In addition to its six million paying subscribers, the company has more than 24 million active users who use the free, ad-supported version.