Sony offers a sneak peek at Google TV-powered BRAVIA Smart Stick

The device will come with a collection of pre-installed apps

Sony has given sneak peek at the new Google TV-powered BRAVIA Smart Stick that is due to be announced tomorrow

Sony posted on its official blog, which has now been removed, a teaser of its new BRAVIA Smartk Stick dongle.

The BRAVIA Smart Stick that will integrate Google TV with any Sony BRAVIA TV model from 2013 - and later.

Sony's post stated the Smart Stick will allow "viewers to stay in a single menu to launch any of their apps, including BRAVIA apps like the Internet Video Library."

According to Engadget, the Help Guide for the BRAVIA Smart Stick NSZ-GU1 is online for users to find out more about how the new device will work, including listing some of the pre-installed apps from both Google TV and Sony Bravia.

The Stick, along with coming pre-loaded with apps such as Netflix, Hulu Plus, YouTube, Amazon Instant Video, and Pandora, will also come with a universal remote.

The universal remote contains a touchpad, keyboard and a microphone.

Sony's BRAVIA Smart Stick will allow you to watch a variety of videos online, use applications while watching TV, use the Google Chrome browser for web-browsing, voice search, and watch live TV.

Additionally, users can download and run Android apps purchased from the Google Play Store.

Source: Engadget