Sony Mocopi is making the Metaverse cool – and making me reach for my wallet

A six-sensor array allows for complete motion tracking capabilities

A person using the Sony Mocopi sensors to control an avatar
(Image credit: Sony)

It's no secret that VR tech is not the hottest thing in the world right now. The best VR headsets offer a fantastic experience, but still struggle to garner traction in a mainstream way.

That could all be about to change though. Sony have announced a new mobile motion capture system, called Mocopi – and I think it's just what the world of VR technology has been waiting for.

Mocopi works in a different way to most other VR devices. A set of six motion tracking units are supplied, and these attach to your head and hips, as well as both wrists and both ankles. The result is a full body representation that can control a virtual avatar.

The results work extremely well. Motion seems fluid and tracks well in the included videos from Sony. Sure, there's no specific control over, say, fingers, though I suspect that could be easy to add later on for those who need it.

But more than the end result, I believe this format of VR device is the future. VR headsets like the popular Meta Quest are perfect for total immersion, but they leave you closed off from reality as a result. That may well be exactly what you're looking for, but if not, Mocopi could be just the ticket.

Each device is roughly the size of an Apple AirTag, and lighter too. That means you would hardly even notice it in use. Plus, as your view is not obscured, you're able to still interact with those around you.

I always envisioned a mixed reality device that worked similar to this. In fact, I think this, with some gloves that could track your finger movements and a moveable floor, you could have the ultimate virtual, or mixed reality gaming setup.

The Sony Mocopi is rumoured for release in early 2023.

Sam Cross
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