Sony develops 56-inch UHD OLED TV

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The Japanese company's newest TV utilises Sony's Super Top Emission technology, but the big CES reveal didn't go exactly according to plan

Unveiled at this year's CES, Sony claims the 56-inch TV is the world's first and largest OLED set to sport a 4K resolution.

Employing a range of new manufacturing techniques, Sony claims to have sidestepped some of the challenge and expense of developing large OLED displays.

The Japanese tech giant says that by using oxide semiconductor TFTs (thin-film transistors), the Super Top Emission technology allows the display to deliver all the features expected of OLED TVs - such as high contrast, brightness, rapid video image response time and wide viewing angles.

However, the grand unveiling earlier this week at CES was met with those age-old technical problems. The computer running the TV hit an error, causing Sony CEO Kazuo Hirai to stop mid-speech whilst Sony staff wheeled the offending TV off-stage.

Jointly developed with Taiwanese company AU Optronics Corp, Sony says it will continue to research OLED technology with the goal of commercialising the 4K OLED television format, which is currently only in the prototype stage.