Snapchat iPhone app aims to ease sexting recriminations

Allows users control how long a recipient can view a picture before it disappears

Snapchat for iPhone is, essentially, a new protection tool for keen sexters who want to show off their tackle without the fear of it ending up on the internet. Enjoy!

If you've ever sent a risqué photo in a lustful moment of distant passion, you'll know that immediate sensation of panic: 'What if that person isn't the straight-shooting, trustworthy individual I imagined and decides to broadcast my exposed modesty to the entire world?'

A new iPhone app aims to minimise the potential for a life and reputation-ruining (or perhaps affirming?) moment of horny stupidity by reducing the ability for the recipient to keep the picture on his or her phone.

Real-time picture sharing app Snapchat for iPhone, allows the sexting fun to continue without risk by allowing the sender to control how long the picture is on display after it's opened.

Once that time-limit expires, the picture will disappear ne'er to be seen again. If a recipient tries to take a screengrab of the picture, you'll be instantly notified and can chastise them at will.

Of course, Snapchat doesn't actively advertise it role as a sexting shield of armour, simply that it can help you "build relationships" and that it "is instantly fun and insanely playful," while the screenshots featured on the iTunes page showcase scantily clad lovelies in a sort-of "here's what awaits you," tease.

Via: New York Times