Sky is so confident about its broadband upgrade it will REFUND your bill if you can't stream Netflix in every room

For an extra £5 a month on your broadband plan

Sky Broadband WiFi Guarantee Update
(Image credit: Sky)

Sky is pretty chuffed with its latest broadband innovation. So much so that it has promised to refund any customers who can't get "fast and reliable" Wi-Fi in every room of their house. Best of all, the company defines "fast and reliable" in the same way as everyone else does – whether you can actually stream an episode of your favourite show on Sky Go and Netflix.

Why is Sky so confident about its broadband? The broadcaster is launching a new Wi-Fi router, dubbed Sky Hub, that boasts eight antennas to provide better coverage across the home. Sky says the upgraded hardware will provide better signal strength across different rooms and multiple floors of the home.

The Sky Hub also lets customers check their real-time internet speeds as well as the number of devices connected to the network from anywhere in the world using the My Sky app on iOS or Android.

The redesigned Sky Hub is available to new and existing customers. To be covered with the Wi-Fi Guarantee – which promises a refund to anyone who can't watch the latest season of MindHunter or Game Of Thrones in the back bedroom on their tablet or TV – you'll need to sign-up for Sky's Broad Boost package.

If that sounds familiar at all it's likely because the UK satellite television company introduced the Broadband Boost add-on a few months ago with its Sky Broadband Buddy service, which lets parents limit internet time to each device in the house – or cut-out Wi-Fi access all-together for dinner time – to keep families talking.

With Broadband Boost, you'll get access to Sky Buddy, pro-active line checks to ensure your connection is up and running before you even get up in the morning, the redesigned Sky Hub router, free evening and weekend visits from engineers, and the Wi-Fi Guarantee. If you're struggling to stream your favourite Netflix or Sky Go show at home, Sky will try to optimise the Wi-Fi signal in your home either remotely or with an engineer visit – or both. If it still doesn’t reach the right speeds, customers will be issued with a refund for the trouble.

“WiFi Guarantee reflects Sky’s commitment to innovation and technology that matches our customers’ evolving connectivity needs” said Aman Bhatti, Head of Propositions at Sky.

“The need for fast and reliable broadband that reaches every room is more important than ever before – but as you can’t physically see your WiFi signal, it can be difficult for most people to understand what makes it stronger or weaker.

"Our WiFi Guarantee, combined with the new Sky Hub, genuinely guarantees a strong signal in every room of the house – strong enough to stream movies and TV from Sky Go and Netflix – or your money back."

It's a pretty compelling pitch and one that's refreshingly easy to understand – and not bogged down in corporate bilge that defines "fast and reliable" broadband as basically being the presence of any broadband in your home.

From Friday September 6, Sky Broadband Boost with Wi-Fi Guarantee will be available from £5 extra a month and can be added onto any Sky Broadband packages. Existing customers will need to enter a new 18-month contract.

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