Sharp HT-SB700 soundbar brings Dolby Atmos into your living room on a budget

Get better sound for less

Sharp HT-SB700
(Image credit: Sharp)

We love a good soundbar here at T3. They're a great way of getting the audio performance of a much larger setup, without having to fill your living room with speakers. As all-in-one audio superstars, if you find the right soundbar you probably don't need much else. 

Sharp then has shaken up the audio world with its new CES announcements. For the company's 111th anniversary year, it's fitting that it has revealed a trio of new products. Chief among them is the HT-SB700 which brings Dolby Atmos certification to a less premium price tag. It is expected to retail for £189 which is dramatically less than some of the best soundbars  

On top of being the cheapest soundbar the company has made, it's also the smallest, at just 52cm wide, so won't dominate your front room, and will make it a compelling choice for those who don't have a gigantic TV. But despite the petite size, you should expect performance comparable to a much larger setup with vertical height speakers providing an immersive 3D sound. 

HT-AWS2001 HT-AWS0101

(Image credit: Sharp)

But that's not all the new products Sharp unveiled at CES 2024. A pair of new speakers could be the perfect add-on to your audio setup. The first is the HT AWS2001 (priced at £209), which features AQUOS Wireless Surround technology, so what does that mean? Well take it from Sharp itself:

"AQUOS Wireless Surround transmits multi-channel sound (including Dolby Atmos) wirelessly from a compatible Sharp TV to the Sharp AQUOS Wireless Surround speakers. With HT-AWS2001 rear surround speakers, for example, the new Sharp FQ series TVs can be converted from a 2.0-channel Dolby Atmos system into a 4.0-channel full surround experience."

If you want some more lower-end and bass then you're in luck, Sharp also announced the HT-AWS0101 subwoofer which can be laid flat or stood up, whichever fits your setup better. The subwoofer will retail for £139.

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