Samsung's Curved OLED TV goes on display at IFA 2013

On sale at John Lewis from today

We first spotted the curved Samsung S9C OLED TV at CES back in January, but Samsung has been toting it around IFA this week in readiness for it hitting the shelves at John Lewis

The 55-inch curved S9C OLED TV from Samsung is the type of kit that no self-respecting man cave should be without.

Despite unveiling it back at CES, Sammy has been busy showing it off at IFA this year to remind us all that it goes on sale exclusively at John Lewis today for a trifling £6,999.

Handing over that pocket change will get you an Ultra HD display with Active 3D and all the smart functionality we've come to expect from your average 21st century telly.

There's also an excellent feature called Samsung Multi-View that uses the Active 3D technology to simultaneously display two different transmissions on the one screen.

The division is made by the 3D specs that come bundled with the screen and a small button on the side of the glasses toggles which transmission you view. Essentially meaning you can watch the football while your partner catches up on Strictly in the same room.

The 3D glasses also have surround-sound speakers built into earbuds that give you the different audio channels.

Picture-wise, the OLED screen does away with the backlighting necessary in standard LED displays and results in a better contrast ratio - particularly when displaying darker colours.

The S9C OLED TV incorporates a quad-core processor that powers the smart functions and also features gesture control and video calling through a camera built into the top of the frame.

Samsung has also been showing off its larger displays with both 110-inch and 98-inch Ultra HD (4K) TVs on show at the IFA 2013 event. We've no word on availability and prices yet but, judging from the S9C, it won't be cheap.

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