Samsung launches curved soundbar to match bendy-TVs

The Korean firm is a tour-de-force of curved tech

Linear gadgetry is so last year - Sammy's headed for a straight-dodging techtopia...

Samsung, long-time advocate of curved TVs, has now taken its bendy design aesthetic to audio electronics with its new curved soundbar.

The depressingly named HW-H7500/H7501 is designed to complement Samsung's curved televisions, as well as pump out some hefty beats of course.

It's a premium-looking piece of kit, finished with brushed aluminium and touting a positively circular curvature radius of 4,200mm.

Its bend should sit flush with the Korean firm's existing range of curved teles which, by our count, makes it the first curved soundbar designed to match a curved TV.

Samsung reckons its soundbar can deliver 'immersive sound', and offers 8.1 channel support. It also ships with two speaker units on both sides, producing multi-directional sound.

The soundbar also boasts boosted bass and improved quality mid-range audio, as well as Samsung's sound-distortion minimising 'exclusive technology.'

The bendy-blaster can be operated via Sammy's proprietary TV remote control, and connects wirelessly to the screen so your immaculate space-age set-up isn't tarnished by cables.

We're still waiting on more details regarding the audio heft specifics, as well as launch locations and a price-tag. IFA, perhaps?