Samsung Galaxy S9 review: 5 reasons this is a five-star phone

The S9 is a top quality handset with a standout camera

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The Samsung Galaxy S9 isn’t just the best smartphone Samsung has ever made. It’s the beginning of a whole new era in phones and it deserves every one of the five T3 stars we’ve given it in our full review. 

Here’s why.

 1. There’s a new focus 

With the Galaxy S9, Samsung is thinking not just about the hardware, but what we actually use the hardware for.  In a market based largely on “my megapixels are bigger than your megapixels” that’s a significant shift.

The S9's new camera system has dual-aperture technology for vastly improved low light photography, and the new camera app brings AR Emoji, 3D virtual avatars that can mirror your facial expressions and your pose. It sounds gimmicky but it’s enormous fun and it’s going to be enormously popular.

 2. It’s a smooth operator

The combination of Samsung’s Exynos processors (Snapdragon processors in the US) and hardware smarts has consistently produced incredibly powerful smartphones, but they haven’t always been silky smooth. The Galaxy S9 is.

The Galaxy S9 is not just screamingly fast; it’s smooth and responsive. Think German engineering or Swiss watch precision. 

 3. It doesn’t fix what isn’t broken

Could Samsung have squeezed in a sightly bigger battery or marginally more megahertz? Probably. But it’s a sign of confidence to concentrate instead on removing pain points (such as the position of the fingerprint sensor) and major software improvements.

 4. The screen is even better 

The Galaxy S9 screen is largely the same as the one in the Galaxy S8, and that’s no bad thing: it was, and remains, one of the best displays ever built into a mobile device. And now it has a proper landscape mode.

 5. It makes reality better 

Like Apple, Samsung’s thrown its considerable weight behind Augmented Reality. Bixby Vision offers information on everything from barcodes to buildings and will help make AR mainstream.

So in conclusion, it's fair to say that we really like the S9 and we think you will, too. For more, read our full Galaxy S9 review where we go into more depth on the features of what is currently our pick of the best Android phones of 2018.