Samsung Galaxy S9 official videos give it all away early

That Galaxy S9 camera just got confirmed with a definite nod to super slow motion

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Samsung is leaking like a ship about to sink and now it’s just pulled out the plug itself by releasing some official teaser videos for the new Galaxy S9.

Ahead of the big reveal of the Samsung Galaxy S9 at MWC 2018 later this month, on 25 February to be exact, three official videos have been unleashed on the internet to tease us some more.

The first video shows off some extreme sports and other high paced nature imagery looking very exciting – if shot on the phone it’s all very impressive. But the end is most telling as the video goes into slow motion. 

This is some serious super slow motion to be exact and looks just as we’d imagine the much leaked 1,000 frames per second slow motion video mode will look.

The second video shows off a lot of very low-light scenarios looking extremely clear for what is apparently shot on a phone. This could really change the way we look at phones as cameras if these videos are shot naturally on the Galaxy S9.

The third video shows off a face being changed into a cartoon version of itself. This is likely a nod to the new 3D emoji that have already leaked as Samsung’s answer to the Apple iPhone X Animoji.

Everything about the Samsung Galaxy S9 will be revealed on 25 of February but until then, check out everything we know so far right here as we know pretty much everything bar the exact price now.