Samsung Galaxy S3 S Health app launches for iPhone 4S rival

Samsung's previously showcased health and wellbeing app is launched for the S3

Further expanding the Samsung Galaxy S3's already impressive bag of tricks, Samsung has launched the S Health app for its quad-core powerhouse

Samsung has just announced the release of S Health, a Samsung Galaxy S3 app that helps users maintain a healthier lifestyle by collecting a variety of fitness and wellbeing data in one place.

Originally demoed at the Galaxy S3 Unpacked launch event in May, the health app wasn't part of the pre-loaded software when the handset went on sale.

Compatible with a number of healthcare sensors including blood glucose meters, blood pressure monitors and body composition scales, S Health enables users to build a full picture of their personal wellbeing.

By collating data into graphs and tables, S Health can track and chart health readings in an easy-to-understand format to keep users updated on their condition. App users can also manually enter any diets, exercise, medications or other health criteria to tailor S Health to their individual health needs.

“S Health can provide real benefits in terms of tracking and monitoring health and wellness for our customers,” said Simon Stanford, Vice President of Telecoms and Networks at Samsung UK and Ireland.

If you need a little motivation to achieve your healthcare goals, S Health also integrates social networks into the app, enabling users to share their achievements via Twitter. S Health is available to download now through Samsung's More Services pre-loaded application on the Galaxy S III.

Are you impressed with the Samsung S Health app or do you think you will stick to your Nike+ and Adidas miCoach apps? Let us know via the T3 Twitter and Facebook feeds.

Words: Samantha Loveridge