Samsung Galaxy S3 Music Hub app takes on iTunes Match and Spotify

Premium music solution offers streaming and cloud storage

Samsung has unveiled its all-in-one answer to both iTunes and Spotify with its all-singing Music Hub app for the Samsung Galaxy S3

Samsung has unveiled its Samsung Music Hub app, a premium music solution which will be available for the Samsung Galaxy S3 and will offer a Spotify-style streaming service along with 100GB of cloud storage.

Utilising a range of technologies and features Samsung's Music Hub gives consumers the choice of two options. The first is free and gives users access to 7digital's library of music, letting them purchase music which is then stored in the cloud and will be available on all compatible devices. Your music can then be downloaded into offline playlists whenever you want.

The second option is the Premium subscription which costs £9.99 a month and offers a Spotify-style streaming service letting you stream any of the millions of tracks in the Music Hub library, you'll also have access to exclusive radio stations and a more personalised experience.

Samsung's Scan and Match feature offers a service similar to iTunes Match, by scanning your music collection the Galaxy S3 will then only upload songs which aren't in its database.

At present Samsung Music Hub will only be available on the Samsung Galaxy S3 when it has its 30th May release date, it's not yet clear which other Samsung devices will be getting Music Hub.