Samsung Galaxy S11 will STEAL this incredible feature from the iPhone 11

Could this be Samsung's secret weapon?

Samsung Galaxy S11
(Image credit: Future)

Samsung is working on a competitor to Apple's Deep Fusion camera enhancement engine for the Galaxy S11, reliable tipster Ice Universe has revealed. Just like the build that the fruit-named firm introduced with the new iPhone 11 Pro, Samsung's rival will analyse an image after it's been snapped to draw out additional detail.

Ice Universe says Samsung's engine works in a "similar" way to Apple's Deep Fusion, so it will likely take a handful of images at different exposures to capture all the colours and detail in the scene, then use machine learning stitch them all together to create a final image that's a lot more vivid than the regular shot would have been.

To be clear, this feature isn't entirely new – it's something Google started doing been when it introduced the Google Pixel 3 back in 2018. But the Apple iPhone 11 Pro (and presumably the Samsung Galaxy S11) takes it one step further, using advancements in mobile processing power to conduct a more thorough analysis of the scene.

If this latest leak turns out to be accurate and Samsung bundles an image enhancement feature that takes advantage of advanced machine on the Galaxy S11, alongside its better camera setup (the Galaxy S10 is superior to the iPhone XS, and the Galaxy S11 should follow suit) it could leave the iPhone 11 Pro in the dust.

Unfortunately, we have a long wait until we find out more – from the horse's mouth, that is. That's because Samsung won't announce the Galaxy S11 until February 2020. However, the company is no stranger to a leak (if it were a ship, it would have sunk by now), so we shouldn't have to wait too much longer until more tidbits surface.