Samsung Galaxy S10 has a new name, and honestly, it sounds really weird

Rize and shine

Samsung Galaxy S10

Samsung will purportedly unveil its feverishly-anticipated Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10 Plus handsets at the Mobile World Congress tradeshow in February 2019.

The tenth anniversary flagship marks the first time that Samsung will have to take the numbering in its brand name into double-figures, something the South Korean company is very reluctant to do, insiders say.

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As a result, Samsung is believed to be looking for alternative names for its next entry into the hugely-popular Galaxy S series. Until now, we had no idea what this new naming convention could be, but a new trademark application may have finally spilled the beans.

Samsung has applied to trademark the names Samsung Rize10, Samsung Rize20 and Samsung Rize30. These all-new brand names are designed to be used with a new device in the "smartphone" category, according to the trademark application, which was first spotted by technology blog LetsGoDigital.

Given the long-standing rumours that Samsung wants to move away from its Galaxy S brand name before it hits S10, and the fact that the same trademark application was recorded in Mexico a day earlier – hinting at an international launch for the mysterious Rize10, Rize20 and Rize30 devices, speculation this is the long-rumoured brand refresh for the Galaxy S series is rife.

Unlike the trademark application in the United Kingdom, the Mexican variant is not designed to simply establish a name, it also looks to trademark an associated logo. Unfortunately, it's impossible to see the logo associated with the Rize brand, but it hints that this is much more involved brand refresh.

Samsung is widely-rumoured to launch three separate variants of its next flagship smartphone – an entry-level model with a 5.8-inch display, single rear-facing camera and LTE, a slightly pricier model with the 5.8-inch display, but dual rear-facing camera system and LTE, and finally, a top-end Plus model with a 6.44-inch display, all-new quadruple camera set-up and dual-front facing cameras.

The trademark applications don't include a space between the word "Rize" and the numbers that follow. Samsung stylises the Note9 in exactly the same way.

It seems usual that Samsung would move away from the "Galaxy" branding entirely. Even the forthcoming foldable handset will be branded Galaxy Fold. To jettison the brand recognition built-up over all of these years for a new Samsung Rize product line would be a bold choice, albeit one that might cause confusion for consumers.

Given the "very significant" design changes promised for the so-called Galaxy S10, it might make sense for a new name that cuts ties with the previous entries in the series. That said, the bizarre spelling of "Rize" is particularly irksome.

Similarly, Apple decided to avoid double-figures when it launched its tenth-anniversary smartphone, opting instead for the iPhone X. With the follow-up, Apple resorted to the "S" brand name it uses for minor refreshes, resulting in iPhone XS.

It's unclear whether Apple will continue to use Roman numerals for its flagship smartphone line, or opt for something entirely-new, like Samsung.

Lead Image Credit: Twitter / OnLeaks