Samsung Galaxy S10 and foldable Galaxy X launch dates revealed

It looks like CES and MWC could be in for two very special treats from Samsung

Samsung Galaxy S10 and foldable Galaxy X launch dates revealed

Samsung looks set to change up its phone release date timings soon, starting with the already leaking Galaxy S10 and the much-rumoured foldable Galaxy X, if a new report is correct.

The leaked roadmap of these two Samsung phone releases, which appeared on South Korean financial paper The Bell, reveals CES and MWC could be used to announce the Galaxy S10 and Galaxy X, respectively.

The Galaxy S10 should arrive in January at CES 2019, claims the report. This is far earlier than usual as Mobile World Congress, around February, is usually when Samsung reveals its new flagship Galaxy S smartphones.

The reason for this push in release schedules? Samsung’s first foldable phone, the Galaxy X, will allegedly be launched at MWC 2019 in February.

That does make sense as the MWC platform is where Samsung will want to let its new foldable phone take all the limelight. However, pretty much every year a report comes out to say that the new Galaxy will be unveiled at CES and every year that has turned out to be incorrect.

The report on The Bell also reiterates what we've heard previously – that the Galaxy X will feature three OLED screens, each at 3.5-inches. The inner two will fold out to create a 7-inch screen, or thereabouts. The third screen will remain on the outside so the phone can be used when folded.

Samsung Galaxy S10 specs rumoured so far include an in-display fingerprint sensor and 3D scanning setup for a more iPhone-like facial recognition system.

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