Samsung Galaxy S10 5G release date confirmed, but there's still no price

Galaxy S10 5G will launch June 7, 2019 in the UK

Samsung Galaxy S10 5G Price Release Date

Samsung Galaxy S10 5G will launch in the UK on June 7, 2019. 

Pre-orders for the flagship handset, the first 5G-enabled device launched by Samsung, will go live on May 22, 2019. Galaxy S10 5G will be available on EE and Vodafone. EE has yet to confirm exactly when its network will roll-out to London, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Belfast, Birmingham and Manchester. Vodafone will flip the switch on its 5G network on July 3 (and will not charge extra for the new speeds).

However, Samsung is keeping quiet about how much you'll need to splurge to be amongst the first to own the Galaxy S10 5G.

Despite what the brand name suggests, the Galaxy S10 5G is not simply a Samsung Galaxy S10 with some new guts to support next-generation 5G network speeds. In fact, it's an entirely new handset with a number of brand-new features that can’t be found anywhere else in the Galaxy S10 range.

The Galaxy S10 5G has largest display of any of its new smartphones – yes, that includes the Galaxy S10 Plus. It packs a humongous 6.7-inch Quad HD AMOLED with the same dual-curved edges seen on the S10 and S10 Plus. The Galaxy S10 5G also adopts the new Infinity-O design, which lets the panel to bleed to the very edge of the chassis – with a small cut-out to house the Dual-Pixel 10MP selfie camera.

Like the Galaxy S10 Plus, the S10 5G has a dual-camera set-up – but that’s where the similarities end. While the Galaxy S10 Plus has an 8-megapixel depth sensor, the Galaxy S10 5G has a hQVGA 3D-depth sensing camera which will offer improved Live Focus photographs and bring the effect to video footage for the first time. 

Samsung has fitted same 3D-depth sensing camera to the rear-mounted camera too, bringing the total number of sensors across the handsets up to six. Like the front-facing variation, the hQVGA quality sensor, which equates to 0.038-megapixels, will enable adjustable artificial bokeh-style blur behind the subject in real-time when shooting video. While a number of flagship handsets already offer Portrait Mode-esque photos, this is the first time we’ve seen the same effect applied to video.

The new depth-sensing camera will also enable new Augmented Reality (AR) modes and effects in the future, Samsung has promised.

Samsung Galaxy S10 5G Price Release Date

Finally, Samsung Galaxy S10 5G is fuelled by 8GB of RAM – slightly less than the 12GB inside the Ultimate Performance Edition of the Galaxy S10 Plus – coupled with 256GB of built-in storage. Unlike every other model in the S10 range, the Galaxy S10 5G does not support expandable storage via MicroSD. Galaxy S10 5G packs a 4,500mAh battery cell - the largest available in any device in the Galaxy S range. 

Given the number of unique features – not to mention the additional camera sensors, it's unclear what price to expect from the next-generation Galaxy S10 model. According to a report, the 256GB model will cost 1.39 million South Korean won (that's about $1,226 / £933) and the 512GB model will cost 1.55 million won (about $1,367 / £1,041). However, it's worth taking these leaked prices with a pinch of salt – even if the information is accurate, Samsung rarely directly converts prices between currencies as we've done above.

Director of Innovation, Technology and Services at Samsung, Kate Beaumont commented: "The Galaxy S10 5G unlocks an entirely new mobile experience to prepare consumers for a world of possibilities: a larger 6.7-inch Dynamic AMOLED display; a new 3D Depth Camera with Live focus video; and the biggest battery available in the Galaxy S range, the Galaxy S10 5G is a visionary, ultra-premium device for those looking to stay ahead of the curve."