Samsung announces inTouch camera system for TV range

CES 2012: Samsung announces Kinect-alike device for Skype and YouTube

Samsung gets in early on Sunday evening with the announcement of a new camera accessory for those without connected TVs. It brings Skype, YouTube and a web browser and is out in March

Samsung has kick-started what is sure to be a busy few days of announcements with a new camera system, which will allow users to use apps like Skype and YouTube through their television set.

The inTouch camera system, which bares a striking resemblance to Microsoft's Kinect accessory comes packing Wi-Fi and aims to "bring the connected TV experience through ordinary HDTVs."

The device also brings a pre-loaded web-browser as well as apps like Google News and Weather. There's also a photo frame app which allows you to load you favourite snaps into a slideshow.

However, it falls short of offering the full Samsung Smart TV service embedded within the newer Samsung HD TVs. There's no iPlayer, LOVEFiLM or anything of that nature.

The camera accessory, which boasts 720p video and can be placed on top of the television set. It also arrives with a neat-looking, palm-sized QWERTY keyboard for easy navigation.

Samsung inTouch will go on sale in March of this year and cost a rather steep $199 (or £120 in proper money).

Via: Engadget