Rock-and-Rolls Royce unveil heavy metal Wraith

Bring the festival to your car minus the dirt

Rolls Royce is aiming to capture a new generation of music lovers after unveiling an 'Inspired by Music' edition of its popular Wraith car.

The new model, which comes with a sleek new website too boot, promises a punchy 1,300W, 18-channel bespoke speaker setup that is minutely designed to make sure that it brings the best sound quality possible.

That speaker setup is made up of two earth shuddering bass speakers, seven tweeters, seven midrange speakers and another two speakers that are mounted in the headlining and dubbed by Rolls Royce as “exciters”. What does that mean? Passengers will get all the sound at ear level and presumably feel like they're standing next to the speakers at a Led Zeppelin reunion gig

That's not all. One of the niftiest features is a microphone that monitors noise outside the car to adjust the volume and tone inside to the best level possible so that passengers get the 'Inspired by Music' experience promised by Rolls Royce.

All over the car there is a lyrical copper finish that takes this Wraith over and above others in the range and the surface finish on the exterior is designed in such a way that it shimmers like an 80s rock star jumpsuit when light passes over it.

Pricing isn't alluded to by Rolls Royce but if you live the rock star lifestyle then forking out for this blinged up metal machine shouldn't be any bother.

Via: Gizmag