RBS, Natwest customers suspended from Netflix

Card payment issues are effecting a ‘prominent number’ of Netflix customers

A 'prominent number' of customers have had their Netflix accounts suspended, and have been told to use another card or try again later

A large number of RBS and Natwest cardholders are unable to sign in to Netflix, following the movie streaming service's launch in the UK earlier this year.

Having initially been granted access to the service, customers with a certain Visa card number configuration have now had their service cut off, due to an error with 'overseas authentication requests'.

We understand the issue has effected a 'prominent number' of Netflix customers.

Users are currently being advised to use another card, or if they don't have one, to try signing up again to Netflix when the issue is resolved.

Netflix said it didn't know when this would happen, but RBS told us it is hoping to have the issue fixed this evening.

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