PS5 owners can get Apple TV+ for free for 6 months – but hurry!

Apple TV+ is absolutely killing it right now so this is a brilliant offer for PS5 owners

Apple TV+ running on a PS5 console
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I've gone from feeling "meh" about Apple TV+ to being one of its biggest fans: whether you're into music, movies or must-watch shows Apple TV+ is absolutely killing it right now – and I'm not the only person who thinks that. Its iMDB ratings are better than all its rivals. And if you have a PS5 you can get some of the best TV around for six months absolutely free.

To get the app, all you need to do is go into the All Apps section and download Apple TV. If you don't already have an Apple ID you'll need to sign up for one (it's free). It's available for both standard and digital edition PS5s and for users in the UK and US. But, crucially, this offer is only available until July 22, 2022 – so if you want it you need to act now.

Once you've downloaded it, here are a few suggestions of what to watch.

Severance on Apple TV+

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Get started with these brilliant Apple TV+ shows

Apple TV+'s catalogue isn't as big as some rivals, but what it does it does brilliantly well. On the music front there are superb documentaries about Billie Eilish (pictured), Bruce Springsteen and Beastie Boys. and when it comes to drama you're absolutely spoilt for choice.

If you like your dramas to be brain-melting, the critically acclaimed Severance is spectacular: it's a near-future utopia where you can sever your work life from your personal life, quite literally: work-you doesn't know about the outside-you and vice-versa. It's beautifully acted, visually striking and incredibly well written and I think it's a must-watch.

I'm really loving alternative-timeline space drama For All Mankind too. It takes place in a timeline where the USSR beat the USA to the moon, and while it's more about the people than the spaceships there's plenty of thrilling outer space action to match the emotional highs and lows of the key characters' lives. It's one of those shows that unfolds slowly to become must-see TV.

Another big favourite for me was Slow Horses, which has been commissioned for another series. It's a lame-duck spy drama set around Gary Oldman's department for security service screw-ups, and Oldman's scenery-chewing performance is just part of what makes it so good. Tightly written with great action scenes and a suitably twisty plot it's tons of fun.

And that's just scratching the surface: I haven't even got to Fraggle Rock yet.

I think Apple TV+ is superb value for money, and it's even more superb when it's no money. If you've got a PS5, you'll be glad you installed the app.

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