Philips 6900 Smart TV has zero bezel design

New HDTV offering a competely bezel-free screen and Ambilight

The Philips 6900 is definitely a contender for one of the best-looking TVs thanks to a completely bezel-free design which then features the latest version of Philips Ambilight tech

The Philips 6900 is essentially one of the first Smart TVs to be completetly bezel free thanks to some nifty work by Philips with the screen wrapped with a 1.2mm frame made from anodised aluminium.

By removing the bexel Philips believes that it has now created its most effective Ambilight TV yet with the glow being projected around the screen now accurately matching the actual display perfectly with no interruptions in design.

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On top of that you still get all the same Smart TV features including BBC iPlayer, Internet browsing and a full store of apps to download. Smart Screen lets you 'throw' your digital TV down onto any Android tablet or iPad running the Philips MyRemote app.

3D is catered for as well with 2D to 3D conversion and the ability to have two-player gaming with both players seeing their own game but only using one screen.