One of the best gaming laptop ranges just got a unique update

Aorus is looking to light up your gaming life

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Currently underway in Las Vegas, CES 2016 is giving birth to a number of firsts. The latest comes from gaming laptop maker Aorus, which has updated its X5 v5, X5S v5 and X7 Pro v5 gaming laptops with what it reckons is “the most advanced keyboard in the world”.

Called the Fusion keyboard, it lets you customise the keyboard by lighting up different combinations of keys (with varying colours) depending on the game.

For example, you could light up certain keys to act as macros in MOBA titles, or illuminate the WASD keys for first-person shooters.

Per-key backlit keyboards have been around on desktop keyboards for some time, but until now they haven't appeared on laptops.

Aorus' new X5 v5 is available with Intel's Skylake Core i7 processor and dual Nvidia GeForce 965M processors configured in SLI, or a GTX 980M with 8GB GDDR5, along with USB-C and Nvidia's G-Sync frame-smoothing tech.

The company's new X5S v5 is designed to be a counterpart to the X5 v5, combining the X5's thin chassis with a 4K display and Nvidia's GeForce GTX 980M. According to Aorus, the machine is designed to balance high performance and battery life.

Another thin-and-light model measuring 23.9mm and weighing 3kg, the Aorus X7 Pro v5 sports a 17.5-inch IPS display and combines a Skylake Core i7 processor with dual Nvidia GeForce GTX 970M GPUs configured in SLI.

Finally, Aorus has updated its most portable gaming laptop, the X3 Plus v5, with Intel's Skylake processor but keeps the previous version's GTX 970M and QHD+ display.

Aorus hasn't revealed pricing or availability for its updated (and new) machines yet, but if the current Aorus X5 is anything to go by, expect them to sell for around £1,769 depending on the configuration.

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