OBSBOT Connects You With The Future of Video Calling

With AI tracking and advanced camera technology, no wonder OBSBOT is one of the most popular webcam brands

Obsbot camera range
(Image credit: OBSBOT)

Today, online meetings, educational courses, chatting and live-streaming are the new normal. Many predict that face-to-face interaction will continue to decline, as life moves increasingly online. For that reason, webcams are now an essential in any home or office setup. Users need a smooth, efficient, smart, one-box solution that can be used to address a variety of video connection needs. 

If you’re looking to level up your video experience, OBSBOT is the perfect choice. As an AI-Powered webcam brand, OBSBOT has released four core products, each aimed at conquering different consumer pain points. From Meet, for entry-level office streaming, to Tiny for more advanced professional and educational use, to Me for all your social and entertainment needs. All of them are powered by powerful artificial intelligence, with innovative AI features.

Meet the OBSBOT cam family

Obsbot Tiny

(Image credit: OBSBOT)

There’s an OBSBOT for every need, and they all pack innovative features into beautifully designed devices. No wonder they’ve been a smash hit in over 150 countries, with a growing fanbase of young entrepreneurs, business people and students.

OBSBOT Tiny series

OBSBOT cameras

(Image credit: OBSBOT)

Available in 4K and 1080p versions, these superb webcams feature Sony sensors, AI tracking and magical gesture control. AI means the Tiny 4K webcam and its 1080p sibling are able to auto-track your face and body so you’ll always be in the centre of the frame, even if you move around. Meanwhile, gesture controls let you zoom the camera with just a simple move of your hands, making chatting with fans, friends or colleagues ultra smooth. Tiny is perfect for online conferencing, streaming and social chatting.

OBSBOT Meet Series

OBSBOT cameras

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Aimed at entry-level business conference and online education needs, Meet's super-wide field of view and AI face tracking mean you’re always the centre of attention. If someone new joins you in the meeting room, Meet 4K PC camera and its 1080p version will actually recognise them and expand its field of view. If you're alone, Meet has modes to track your head or your whole upper body. Whatever the view, the video is always super crisp. You tell the story; Meet keeps the focus.


OBSBOT cameras

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Turn your smartphone into a full-function webcam with this superb, AI-powered, auto-tracking phone mount. You can use it with all your favourite streaming, conferencing and video call apps and show your life from the best angle, thanks to the OBSBOT Me auto tracking phone holder’s universal joint and rotatable holder.


OBSBOT cameras

(Image credit: OBSBOT)

Built for vloggers, the OBSBOT Tail AI camera serves as your virtual director and camera operator. A three-axis gimbal, AI head tracking and powerful gesture controls let you break free from limitations and serve up the best video content on the web. AI means your face is always in razor focus, and you can say goodbye to shaky video and poor-quality sound. Now you can share your lives with fans, followers and friends more freely than ever!

What is OBSBOT?

Built by Remo Tech, OBSBOT is a range of AI-powered smart webcams that’s been growing steadily since 2016, to become one of the biggest players in the webcam market. There are four OBSBOT product series (six products in all, with 1080p and 4K variants). All OBSBOT products use AI technology and innovative features to satisfy your video needs, whether you’re conferencing, livestreaming, chatting or taking an online course. All products naturally support key video apps such as Zoom, Google Meet, Twitch and the rest.

OBSBOT’s vision is that with more innovative products, people can enjoy the freedom of expressing their creativity through videos, without the hassle of getting help from others or having to endure the complex process of setting up or adjusting a camera.

To achieve this goal, Remo Tech invest heavily in R&D and patents. As a result, the brand has built up a portfolio of over 100 tech patents already. The investment in innovation has paid off, helping them increase sales by 300% in the past year, with customers in 150+ countries and regions.

OBSBOT tech is award winning

OBSBOT products are certified as among the most innovative and sophisticated gadgets in their class. They’ve received prestigious industrial awards including reddot and iF design awards and innovation awards from CES Asia and TIME. Meanwhile, its parent brand Remo Tech picked up a spot on the Forbes Asia 100 To Watch 2022 list. It all goes to show that OBSBOT is one of the most competitive players in the AI-powered webcam industry.


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