Nokia Here Maps app available for iPhone and iPad

Apple Maps alternative is out now on iTunes

With Apple Maps still getting a fairly frosty reception from users Nokia will be coming to the rescue with Nokia Here their new Maps service for iOS, Android and Windows 8

Nokia Here has been launched for iPhone and iPad as a direct competitor to Apple Maps. The app will offer turn-by-turn navigation as well as live traffic updates.

Nokia unveiled their new Here maps service last week revealing that the cloud-based service would be coming to iOS 6 but wouldn't be offering the same services found on Android and Windows Phone.

The company has had a long history of providing mapping services for SatNav companies so to see an organisation with experience in this region reveal an new iOS app will be a welcome relief to those frustrated with Apple's offering.

While the Android and Windows Phone apps will allow offline maps the iOS app uses HTML5 coding and so requires an internet connection to operate, sadly this means no 3D maps or the ability to save entire countries to your phone.

What you get in return however is a true Apple Maps competitor that offers comprehensive mapping of the world and comes with turn-by turn navigation, driving and public transport instructions and live traffic updating.