Nissan creates world’s largest 3D pen sculpture

Qashqai Black Edition built with over 12.8 km of plastic strands

Nissan has created the world's largest sculpture using nothing but a bunch of skilled artists and 3Doodler 3D pen technology.

The sculpture, which is a Nissan Qashqai Black Edition, took 800 man-hours and over 13.8 km of plastic strands to build.

Artist Grace Du Prez, who worked on the sculpture, said on its unveiling:

“I've been drawing with 3Doodler's pens for a few years now, but this is by far and away my most ambitious commission to date. It demonstrates how far 3D printing technology has come and how it can be used by anyone.”

Each part of the car was completely hand drawn from detailed images and schematics too, meaning that it really is true to life.

Want to see the Qashqai Black Edition being built? Then watch this short video now.