NICT and JVC Kenwood showcase 200-inch 3D HD TV

Glasses-less and has 57 projectors creating an image you can almost 'walk around'

In the search of the ultimate 3D experience, technology companies are constantly trying to find new ways of surprising us whether it's through larger screens, glassesless 3D or in this case, everything put together

NICT and JVC Kenwood have come together to showcase a 200-inch 3D TV that is completely glassesless and allows for 57 viewing angles. The screen has been developed as a way of showcasing just how far stereoscopic 3D technology has come.

With a full-HD resolution of 1920 x 1080p the screen is made up of 57 separate projectors, each one displaying an image with a viewing angle of just 13-degrees. Add all these together and you get a colossal image with 57 viewing angles which, combined, makes the image appear truly 3D with visitors experiencing the illusion of being able to actually look around an object.

Of course it's just a prototype, but this form of technology is already in use with TV screens that allow more than one person to view stereoscopic 3D without glasses and in more simplistic environments as a split screen for car sat-navs.

Check out the video below and let us know what you think via the comments box...

Source: Engadget