News@8pm: Nintendo 3DS review and new Apple iMacs

Plus: Motorola Android 3.0 tablet and GTA V: Hollywood

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The gaming world officially took a bold step forward today as the T3 team went to go a scout out what will surely be one of the coolest gadgets of next year, we got hands-on with the Nintendo 3DS which had its official press launch. The device, which runs 3D games without the need for glasses was thoroughly put through its paces before getting the final verdict from the gang, check out the hands-on pictures and video. Elsewhere in gaming rumours are suggesting that Grand Theft Auto V will be set in Hollywood. Rockstar has been supposedly scouting out the area of LA with the intention of making it into a game. With no release date and no idea yet whether these rumours are true, is it too much to hope for a 3D release.

Mobile news now and Sky has released the Sky+ app for Android, the application now allows all those equipped with their Google powered smarties to then record any show they missed. It's now legal to jailbreak an iPhone 4 in the US, it'll still void your warranty of course, and result in you getting some seriously stern looks from any Apple staff, but hey, the laws now on your side.

Moving onto Apple now, the Californian giant has released four major products this morning; the Mac Pro, iMac, Cinema Display and Magic Trackpad. Whilst the first three listed are essentially hefty upgrades of the previous generation. The trackpad is a completely new product, combining the multi-touch capabilities of the trackpad's on Macbooks and Macbook Pro's and then allowing desktop users to then experience that. Costing a surprisingly reasonable £44, this super sleek device is wireless and will sit at exactly the same angle as your Apple keyboard meaning you'll have one more piece of carved aluminium to make your neighbour jealous with. Unfortunately for Apple these new products didn't make our guide to the 101 gadgets you can't live without, but still, check it out and see what Apple products did make the cut.

Tablets are now becoming all the rage, with so many popping onto the market it's hard to distinguish between them, however our handy feature on iPad alternatives should be able to calm your nerves. If you still crave more though don't panic, reports suggest Motorola is releasing a Android 3.0 tablet in November. Kitted with a 10-inch screen and the latest version of Google's software it sounds hugely promising.