News@8pm: New iPhone & PSP titles "remastered"

Plus LA Noire at number 1 & Google's Social Search

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Sony is to offer the evolution to portable gaming after they announced the “PlayStation Portable Remaster Series”, which allows users to continue their saved progress on their PSP or PS3.


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L.A Noire has topped the gaming charts after just four days with Rockstar's latest blockbuster likely to become the most successful game of the year, so far. One game that may prevent L.A Noire from being the game of the year is Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 set for release November 8th, which has been subject to a price bidding war already, but you knew that was coming...

An Apple patent has revealed that future iPhone models will include a privacy aid, which will see the screen blacked out at various angles. The next Apple instalment could sport a Nano-style curved screen according to latest reports, although the mooted iPhone may be delayed until September with a 64GB iPhone 4 supposedly Apple's next offering in the smartphone market.

Google's Social Search has expanded as it can now facilitate 19 languages, with improved “friend” relevance to your searches.