News@8pm: Kinect UK pricing and new Xbox 4GB

Plus: Windows Phone 7 SDK and Blackberry Pearl 3G

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Welcome to your nightly roundup of the days news, reviews and goings on courtesy of

It's been another busy day for the tech world - here's the best of the days news in digestible format:

Gaming could be changing as we know it. Microsoft has finally revealed the pricing of Kinect alongside the brand new Xbox 360 4GB. The Kinect system will cost £129.99 whilst the Xbox 360S 4GB will be yours for a svelte £149.99. Also OnLive, the cloud based gaming system could be coming to Android and Apple's OS. It's already been released for both Mac and PC's and is proving to be a huge success in the States, however that's not the end. Steve Perlman, top dog of OnLive, wants to take it mobile, and whilst he's effectively confirmed it'll be coming to Android he says we'll just have to wait and see if Apple approve it for their devices.

Tablet news is the next order of the day, and good news it is too. Adobe is planning to release a new set of publishing tools for tablets. Its purpose is to enable users to create publications, which can then be distributed onto tablets, but here's the really cool part. The publications can be made fully interactive with 360-degree image rotation and video's embedded into the layout. The Amazon Kindle has managed to outsell books for the first time, for every 140 Kindle's that are sold, Amazon is selling 100 hardbacks. HP and Palm's new tablet could be called the PalmPad after the company filed for that name along with several others in preparation for it's release.

Online however, things are not looking so good. The Times website has reported a drop in readership of nearly 90%. The News International owned website introduced 'paywalls' which force users to either pay for the content or leave.

Need a new mobile? Vodafone has announced it will be selling 3 new smartphones; the Blackberry Pearl 3G, the LG Optimus and the Sony Ericsson X10 Mini Pro. Much to our upset, the Optimus does not transform into a massive truck, however it is the latest in a line of budget Android phones that are hoping to bridge the gap, so keep your eyes open for more to come. Windows Phone 7 SDK has been released for developers to sink their claws into. After mostly promising reviews for the new OS, it's looking like this might be the comeback Microsoft is hoping for, especially after boss Steve Ballmer admitted that they 'had missed a generation' with Windows mobile. In the second of these retorts this week, Samsung has fought back to Apple's claims that their phone suffers from the same 'death grip' problems that the iPhone 4 does. This comes after Jobs received a very sternly written statement from RIM, also making sure he understood it was just his phones that didn't work.