News@8pm: iPhone 4 price cut and Battlefield 3 book

Plus: Samsung Galaxy S II sales and Sony tablets leak

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uSwitch Mobile Tracker revealed today that the Samsung Galaxy S II has retained it prestigious title of being the UK's most popular smartphone, outselling Apple's iPhone 4. Elsewhere it was reported today that US retailers have been slashing the price of the iPhone 4 across the country, once again suggesting an immanent iPhone 5 release date.

It seems that Vodafone will be releasing HTC's upcoming EVO 3D after all, despite rumours that the phone retailer was dropping it from their release schedule. In other phone related gossip, Nokia's new Windows Phone 7 handset will be unveiled later this month after Nokia and Microsoft announced a joint press event.

In Sony news, specs of the S1 and S2 Android tablets have been leaked online ahead of launch. The mysterious iPad competing tabs will come with a variety of storage capacities as well as Wi-Fi + 3G connectivity. And in other Sony news, a representative of the company suggested today that its upcoming handheld device, the PlayStation Vita might double up as a PS3 controller.

In gaming news, Battlefield 3 is set to become the next Andy McNabb book. The book has reportedly been co-written by the highly acclaimed ex-SAS soldier come author alongside a member of the DICE team and will coincide with the games release. Sticking with Battlefield 3 and based on a recent T3 poll where we received an unbelievable 72,883 votes, 53 percent of you say that Modern Warfare 3 will be better than Battlefield 3 and become the best gaming release of the year.