News@8pm: iPad 3 release and Battlefield 3 video

Plus: New HTC handsets and Nokia N9 UK release date

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HTC looks set to expand its collection of Android phones. The HTC Bliss, (a female-focussed handset design) has been recently leaked across the web. Also leaked are details regarding the company's next-gen Windows Phone 7 handset: the HTC Omega, which aims to pick up the reins from its older sibling with armed with up to date Mango software.

Apple has just released its latest version of iOS 4, iOS 4.3.5,offering a major boost in security for both your iPhone and iPad. With the iPad 3 also reportedly in the works, new reports indicate that Apple will be implementing cheaper components in its next tablet product, a solution to ensure that the third generation device remains competitive with the influx of new Android tablets being sold.

In a fight against its upcoming rival Modern Warfare 3, extensive online multiplayer footage of Battlefield 3 has been leaked, revealing a combined 30 minutes of epic black hawk down-esq gameplay. Also in gaming news, Microsoft has finally released Avatar Kinect, enabling you to catch up on your virtual social life. Best of all, it will be free until September 8th.

Based on some websites in Kazakhstan and Russia, Nokia's N9 MeeGo powered handset has been tipped to have a release date of August 19th. Also, after a report of RIM laying off nearly 2,000 staff, rather astonishingly, it seems that an all new BlackBerry handset will be coming out today with the Canadian firm making the announcement via its social networking feeds.