News@8pm: Gran Turismo 5 release date and iOS 4.2

Plus: Dell Streak 2 and Black Ops shatters UK records

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GT5 release date has been announced. Yes, yes, we know we have heard it all before but it is finally here. That glowing date that has long alluded us... November 24th as Polyphony Digital keeps its promise of a pre-Christmas launch for the latest addition to the Gran Turismo franchise. The official announcement followed a tweet by Polyphony head Yamauchi claiming the GT5 release date was "about to be announced". We never doubted you Mr. Yamauchi, honest.


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Mixed tablet fortunes emerged today as it was that the first challenger to the iPad, the Joojoo tablet is no more as poor sales see the device given the chop. Elsewhere, however, good tablet fortunes saw Dell announce that it is readying the second coming off the micro-tablet Dell Streak named the Dell Opus One.

Apple iOS 4.2 is the biggest upcoming mobile software release on the books at present with much speculation surrounding its arrival date. Well, speculate no more as the release date has slipped and is... here for you to read. Other Apple news today saw Ping join forces with Twitter.

Big launches galore as Call of Duty: Black Ops continues to break records, this time smashing opening day UK release records by shifting 1.4 million units for a tidy £58 million return. Although not yet available to buy, The Samsung Nexus S has emerged with specs and those infamous blurred spy shots. Tuck in and enjoy.