News@8pm: Google's TV portal and Skype for Android

Plus: PSP2 launch date and Xbox gaming tablet

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Google has unveiled its new TV portal, ahead of tomorrow's Logitech launch event, by showing a new website detailing how the service will work. Viewers can see how the platform's internet browser operates, what the interface looks like and get a sneak preview at some of the apps they will be able to load onto their TV. Google TV is expected to be in direct competition with Apple TV.


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Samsung has confirmed the price of it's Galaxy Tab at a staggering £599.99, £70 dearer than the most expensive 16GB iPad. Although this price is lower than originally expected, there are still concerns it will suffer at the hands of the more reasonably priced iPad. Rumours are also circulating that the new Xbox could be in the form of a gaming tablet with Kinect technology built in. They might be rumours but at least we can hope.

Panasonic has released the first previews of its up and coming Lumix phone, the device looks surprisingly unoriginal with a slider mechanism and numeric keypad. But don't be fooled because the phone also has an impressive 13-Meg camera. In other phone news, Skype has finally created an app for Android platforms. Watch out Apple, they're catching up!

Sony is reported to have suggested a pre-Christmas 2011 release date for the PSP2. It's speculated the new console will have forward and rear-facing cameras as well as touchscreen control features. Elsewhere on the portable gaming front, Nintendo has released a special edition DSi and DSi XL console in Japan, inspired by Nintendo legend Mario. The consoles will be bright red with images of the Mario flower, mushroom and star logos, delightful!