News@8pm : Engraved iPads, Tablet 2 and apps galore

Plus: BlackBerry PlayBook demoed and HTC 7 Trophy

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App lovers listen up! Can't keep your eyes off of those handy little add-ons known as apps? Then you'll be happy to hear that the Google Android OS now offers 100,000 apps. Well, that's your free time out the window. As for you app-gagging iPhone owners out there its time to start shopping in a new way with Tesco's new barcode scanner app. You'll never have to deal with a sour faced cashier again.


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Personalised Christmas gifts are all the rage, or so we hear. All you lucky soon to be iPad owners out there might be interested to know then that you could receive a special version, as Apple is going to be giving away a free engraving service for festive tablet shoppers. We suggest you have yours saying "I love my T3 iPad app". If you're expecting a new mobile this holiday season then look no further than the Carphone Warehouse, finally the new HTC 7 Trophy Smartphone with Windows Phone 7 has arrived. Let's hope your on Santa's good list this year.

Gaming's future is now, or at least soon. In celebration of the 25th anniversary of Back to the Future a new game, classically named Back to the Future: The Game (original) has begun taking pre-orders. However, if you're looking for something to play now that's set in the future and the most popular game going, then how about checking out Fallout: New Vegas, which has victoriously toped the UK game chart. Who knew post-apocalyptic was so popular?

Swish New Tech is on its way in early 2011 as the Joo Joo tablet 2 will be arriving and in style, with the added choice of different sizes. Don't start putting it down on your list yet though since the BlackBerry PlayBook (also scheduled for release in early 2011) has been demoed in L.A. as the SDK is made available. Good luck choosing your favourite.