News@8pm: Beatles land on iTunes and Black Ops patch

Plus: BlackBerry PlayBook vs iPad and Kinect sales top 1m

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Apple's iTunes announcement was teased yesterday prompting a flurry of rumours and speculation. Top of the expected list was the imminent arrival of The Beatles on iTunes and for once the Apple rumours were spot on as The Beatles back catalogue appeared on iTunes ahead of the 3pm announcement. Apple eventually caught up with itself to officially announce the Beatles' iTunes arrival and end a decade-long rollercoaster ride of when will it happen.


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Gaming sales success has been all the rage as of late with the top games releases showing off their weighty sums. Atop today's bragging rights list was Microsoft Kinect which has shifted 1 million units since launch. That's a lot of flailing arms. Topping Kinect, however, was Call of Duty: Black Ops which has reported 2 million UK sales in its opening five days as it announces upcoming Black Ops patch for PS3 users.

Upcoming product launches like to poke their heads out early in the tech industry with BlackBerry and Facebook both outing future product info today. Whilst RIM pitted the BlackBerry PlayBook against the Apple iPad in a war of web rendering, elsewhere Facebook has outlined its messages update with email integration toping headlines across the world.

Racing games galore in today's news as two of the game industry's biggest car titles make the headlines. Whilst this Friday's arrival of Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit has been teased by a real life racing trailer featuring The Stig, next week's Gran Turismo 5 arrival has been dubbed the "biggest PS3 game of the year" by online retailer