News@8: PS3 Move bundle and 3D camcorder

Plus: iPhone antennagate and Bluetooth reader reactions.

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Welcome to your nightly roundup of the days news, reviews and goings on courtesy of

Todays mobile news is, like many news stories of late, iPhone focused. Check out the results from our T3 Antennagate poll and find out what the nation really thinks about Apple's little fiasco.

In addition its also transpired that the iPhone OS 4.0.1 upgrade is causing Bluetooth problems for both the iPhone 4 and 3G/3GS, and we recieved some great feedback from those of you that have been having problems with the new software update. Finally, it seems the iPhone 4 will be coming to Three on July 30th. Revealed through a completely unrelated blog (which coincidently happened to be sponsored by Three) the website announced it would be arriving the end of July along with a full list of the contracts available.

Moving to the Swedes now; The Nokia E5 will be coming to the UK through Orange. A successor to the hugely popular E71 and E72, the E5 is aimed at email users packing a full QWERTY keyboard with an almost biblical battery life of 20 days on standby.

The 3D sector deserves its own paragraph today. According to 3D industry experts, 3D technology will be the success everyone expects it to be. This is after T3 spoke exclusively to several experts inside the industry who have been working with 3D technology for over 15 years. As if to confirm this, Panasonic has unveiled the first 3D camcorder for consumers. Having earlier got our hairs on end by unveiling the 3D camera they've made for the industry, we've now been able get a peek at their latest consumer 3D shooter the HDC-SDT750.

Even in gaming you're going to find a menagerie of devices/software which pretty much border on the grey side of the law. The High court has just ruled R4 cards illegal, along with any other peripheral that allows illegally copied games to be played on a console or handheld. More specifically, this applies to the R4 card for the Nintendo DS, which allows the user to download illegal copies and then play them normally on their DS. Rumours have surfaced that the PS3 and Move will be offered in a new cheaper bundle for Christmas. The new bundle was uncovered by someone working close to Sony saying that the price would drop from £249 to £223 which would include a PS3 120GB, Move controller and the camera.

Finally to tech news now, and it seems like one of our top little handheld camcorders could be getting a run for its money. Panasonic has unveiled the TA1 a handheld camcorder that should give Flip the chills. Costing a mere £130 it packs 1080p video, direct to YouTube capability and the ability to function as a webcam, considering how much some webcams cost these days, this little number may well steal the show.