News@8: Kinect UK release date and iPhone case app

Plus: HTC mystery phone running Windows Phone 7

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With smartphone fans eagerly anticipating the release of Windows Phone 7 it'll be no doubt pleasing to know there is a feast of related HTC news. Pictures have been leaked of a unknown HTC handset running Windows Phone 7. With a design that hasn't been used before it's a totally new handset, however, judging from the photos it's existance does differ with the news that HTC will be bringing its Sense UI to Windows Phone 7. Despite the claims from Microsoft that they wouldn't allow any incursions into the operating systems main foundation, HTC has confirmed it will be adding its own skin to the Windows Phone 7 devices.

Apple has released a downloadable 'Bumper' app which will let you choose your free iPhone 4 case straight from the phone. The app which features eight available cases will let you browse, and then select the one you want, however don't expect it to be a quick fix, waiting times are expected to be between 3-8 weeks! To add insult to injury, some users are claiming that iOS 4.0.1 causes iPhones to suffer Bluetooth problems. The issues have ranged from loss of connection to headsets and in-car systems to the inability to find other bluetooth devices at all.

Tablet manufacturers will be concerned today after they've been thoroughly trumped, well, for price anyway. Quite incredibly, The Indian Institute of Technology has produced a $35 tablet computer. Tasked to create devices utilising both the latest technology and the internet the Institute has created a touchscreen tablet which will utilise solar power, has 2GB of RAM and uses memory cards as a hard drive. As astonishing as this device is, it's nowhere near production yet, so for the moment, why not check out our own selection of iPad alternatives that will make you think twice before investing in Apple's wonder tablet.

Like games that require the good old fashioned style of play known as 'button bashing'? Well rejoice, as we can reveal that Street Fighter vs. Tekken has been announced at the latest ComicCon. Coming in the form of two games; the first will be produced by Street Fighter team Capcom and will be set in their home environment. The later on, a sequel will be released by Namco and will be set in their Tekken environment. Sounds awesome? We think so too. In other news HMV and have unveiled that the Microsoft Kinect UK release date will be November 19th, this combined with the news that it should drop below the £100 mark after Christmas should get your gaming taste buds on fire.

Online news now and the focus is on the latest iTunes rival: HMV has unveiled an online music service which if successful at launch, could prove to be a serious rival for iTunes. Offering the top 40 chart at 40p a track the company is hoping to pull customers away from iTunes by offering 320kps songs that if lost, can be downloaded again from the site, regardless of when you bought the track.