Need your own space? Get a Virtual Private Server for as little as £2.49 per month

Virtual servers bring the power of dedicated hosting at an incredibly low price

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Shared hosting is a wonderful and very affordable thing. As your site becomes more successful, however, you’ll often find that you need more. More capacity. More performance. More flexibility. 

What you don’t always want is to spend more money.

Enter Virtual Private Servers, or VPS for short. They deliver the advantages of having a dedicated server, as well as some unique benefits of their own, for as little as £2.49 per month. 

Why virtual servers mean peak performance

Many of us start with shared hosting, which is when your website is on part of a server that’s also used by other sites. It’s very affordable and a great way to begin building an online presence, but inevitably there are some limits. For example, you can’t reconfigure a shared server to suit your specific requirements, and because you’re sharing resources with other sites, what affects them may affect you.

When you have your own physical or virtual server, those issues don’t affect you. You’ve got the server all to yourself.

Fast, predictable, reliable performance is one of the key reasons why site owners upgrade from shared hosting. With shared hosting you’re sharing resources with the other sites on the server, so if one of them experiences unexpectedly heavy load, that traffic can impair your own site’s performance. That doesn’t happen with dedicated or virtual private servers. You get 100% of the performance and 100% of the capacity, 100% of the time.

Why virtual servers deliver value for money

Traditionally, getting a dedicated server meant paying for and maintaining a physical computer: you’d effectively hire and manage an entire server in your hosting provider’s data centre. That can be expensive to have, to maintain and to upgrade, but thanks to virtualisation you can bring the cost down dramatically without skimping on the features that matter to you: features such as root access, unlimited traffic, and super-fast SSD storage. You get the choice of Windows Server 2019 or your favourite flavour of Linux, and you don’t have to manage any hardware yourself. 

Another key benefit of virtual private servers is their scalability. With a VPS you can add capacity and improve performance immediately. For example, you might go for a relatively small amount of RAM and a single vCPU for testing, and then quadruple the memory and the processors when it’s time to go public. Unlike physically upgrading hardware, upgrading a VPS is as simple as turning on a tap: whether it’s adding capacity to your existing VPS or getting a whole new VPS up and running, everything is ready to go in a matter of minutes.

A VPS is reliable, too. Fasthosts Virtual Private Servers have 99.999% uptime thanks to state-of-the-art UK data centres. There’s also 24/7 support, so expert advice is always on hand.

The Fasthosts difference

Fasthosts has been powering many of the UK’s most advanced sites for 20 years. Every day the team keeps more than a million domains and nearly half a million websites running smoothly across a range of services including Web Hosting, Virtual Private Servers, Dedicated Servers and a next-generation cloud platform. Based in the UK, operating 24/7 from dedicated, highly secure UK data centres and constantly investing in innovation, Fasthosts provides everything web professionals need to power and manage every aspect of their online space. 

Click here to discover more about Fasthosts’ range of affordable and powerful VPS solutions.

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