Movie2K and Download4All sites blocked in the UK

MPA wins court order to have UK ISPs remove access to sites accused of movie piracy

MPA wins court order to have UK ISPs remove access to sites accused of movie piracy

UK ISPs have begun blocking access to two sites accused of enabling users to break copyright laws.

The sites were blocked after the Motion Picture Association (MPA) won a court order. That court order compels ISPs to block access to the Movie2K and Download4All websites.

Within hours of the courts decision being made public, pro-piracy activists had already set up a copy of the Movie2K website. They claim the copy will allow users to get around the block.

The two websites join a list of sites ISPs are legally compelled to block in the UK.

However, activists have claimed that the blocks are futile. They have pointed to the many proxies that allow easy access to blocked sites, such as The Pirate Bay and H33T.

The MPA went to court claiming that the Movie2K and Download4All broke the UK's Copyright, Designs and Patents Act. Both websites offered the ability to download or stream the latex releases.

The MPA is the international arm of the Motion Pictures Association of America.

BT, Virgin, Talk Talk, Sky and EE are believed to have complied with the ruling.

The court order comes as the British Phonographic Industry is seeking to have access to 25 sites it claims allow users to pirate music blocked in the UK.

Sites on the list include Grooveshark, Isohunt, Filestube and Monova.

Via: BBC

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