More Samsung Galaxy S8 leaks bubble to the surface

Another colour, plus a bigger variant, the S8+ (or maybe the S8 Plus)

There have been countless images and leaks hinting at what the new Samsung Galaxy S8 will look like, feel like and do. 

Now there are some fresh rumours around Samsung’s hotly anticipated new handset which is expected to be revealed officially on 18 April.

Previous S8 rumours have included the repositioning of its finger print sensor and Samsung logo, an increased screen size and reduced bezels. 

Now it seems the S8 will also have a bigger brother - the Samsung Galaxy S8+ (or S8 Plus depending on where you look) which is expected to have a 6.2-inch screen rather than the 5.8-inch display of its sibling. 

Samsung is surely keen to create a Galaxy that will surpass the success and quality of the S7 (no pressure) and make up for the disastrous Note 7 debacle of last year.

Samsung is also reported to be releasing their flagship Galaxy S8 in a Purple edition. This bold choice of colour is consistent with Samsung’s previous releases, where it has announced Coppers, Reds, Pinks and even a Green in 2015 for the Galaxy S6 Edge

Naturally, Samsung is also expected to release the S8 and S8+ in standard Blues, Whites, Blacks and Golds as well as the Purple. 

Alongside these rumours, there have also been new Galaxy S8+ cases spotted on Amazon by the case maker Lightning Knight. These are described as Black, Navy Blue and Rose Gold. Like the Galaxy S8 itself, no official dimensions for the case have been listed.

Is the new colour and new model of the Galaxy sub-brand going to help Samsung make this 2017 a more successful year than the last and redeem their reputation after 2016 ended in flames? We certainly hope so because this seems to be shaping up to be a great new phone.   

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