Mini and JustPark let you book parking spots from your dashboard

The genius system hunts down perfect pull-over places

Mini's joined up with JustPark to give parking woes the boot with a new integrated system that finds pull-over spots for you...

JustPark has announced that Mini will be the first car brand to integrate its parking spot-finder service directly from their dashboards.

Drivers can load up the JustPark app and hunt down parking spaces over the net, with the added option of navigating to the spot and even booking it from the driver seat.

"Integrating the complete parking process into the vehicle's navigation system for the first time, the free-to-download JustPark app eliminates the time spent circling the streets looking for a suitable spot."

Rightly so too, as JustPark says motorists waste on average a staggering 106 days of their lives searching for a spot to anchor up their motor.

JustPark says its app is linked up an impressive 100,000 parking places across the UK, so there's plenty of pull-over spots to choose from.

It's pretty simple in practice. Drivers select a final destination or search for nearby parking, browse a list of appropriate spots, and can even check out location details, pricing, and reviews from previous parkers.

The app hunts down spaces in car parks, the hotels, pubs, and even the humble road-side, meaning you're assured not to end up pulling over somewhere dodgy and landing a hefty fine.

Once you're happy, you can throw down cash on a space direct through the dashboard and the car will tell you how to find your spot.

Sounds distracting and downright dangerous? Not so, because JustPark says the system has undergone 'extensive safety testing' by BMW's Munich lab.

"In 2014, no driver should have to experience the stress and uncertainty of circling the streets for that elusive parking space," says Anthony Eskinazi, founder of JustPark.

"Just as we use apps to order taxis and takeaways, parking is finally being brought out of the dark ages."

The JustPark app is available to download right now, so why not head on over to your local app store and upgrade your parking?

Check out JustPark and Mini's launch video below to see the clever cloggs parking tech in action: