Microsoft unveils Windows 8.1 pricing

Upgrade will be free to Windows 8 owners; everyone else will be asked to pay $119.99

Microsoft has confirmed the price of Windows 8.1 for non-Windows 8 owners.

Upgrading to Windows 8.1 will cost users of older versions of Windows $119.99, while the Pro version of the operating system will cost $199.99. The prices are the same as Windows 8.

The update will be available as a free download for existing Windows 8 users.

Microsoft noted in its blog post that prices will vary by market.

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It has not yet announced UK pricing. At current market rates, those prices are around £75 and £125. The US prices do not account for sales tax (VAT).

The company also gave some more details about the upgrade process.

Windows 8 users will simply need to update their OS.

However, things become a little more complicated for users of older version of Windows.

Those using Windows 7 will be able to pack their files and transfer them across. However, all programs will need to be reinstalled, including Microsoft's own Office software.

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Users on Windows Vista and XP will need to do a full install. Microsoft urged those upgrading from Vista and XP to boot from the DVD.

It said that those on Windows 7 should be able to upgrade via download without issue.