Mercedes Vision EQXX set to smash range for EVs

A luxury electric vehicle with a 600-mile range could be coming from Mercedes

Mercedes Vision EQXX
(Image credit: Mercedes Benz)

Mercedes unveiled its most efficient vehicle to date ahead of the opening of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. While its presence will now be virtual at the show (like ours), due to the pandemic, the reveal still impresses. 

The Mercedes Vision EQXX is just a prototype but as the name suggests, it's a demonstration of the direction that the company's all-electric range – that all bear an EQ badge – will take. 

The Vision EQXX delivers a single-digit energy consumption per 100 kilometers or around 6 miles per kWh of energy. This allows it to travel 1000km or 620 miles on a single charge. 

Efficiency is at the root of the Vision project, with a game engine used to develop the aerodynamics required to achieve a super low drag coefficient. The E-drive system, developed by Mercedes AMG also achieved a 95% efficiency rate. There are also solar panels in the roof of the vehicle to boost the range. 

This is about more than range though. The EQXX features a new intelligent UX system with 3D mapping, all displayed on a huge one-piece floating display. The luxury interior is also sustainable using leather alternatives and plant-based materials. 

The exterior of the car resembles one of Mercedes' coupé designs like the current CLA or CLS, with a rear closer to an old school Aston. While this is just a concept, the design is road-legal and it is easy to see how this would fit into the current range. However, I'd love to see a version of this in a small coupé, like the C-class, as it would offer direct competition for the likes of the Tesla Model 3, Polestar 2 and BMW i4. 

Mercedes Vision EQXX

The one piece floating display dominates the luxury interior of the EQXX

(Image credit: Mercedes Benz)

There are already three EV's in the EQ lineup: the EQS, an S-class equivalent in luxury; the EQB, set to be an electric equivalent of the GLB; and the EQE, an E-class level sedan. The European lineup also includes an EQA and EQC SUV. 

The Vision EQXX range figures would make it class-leading if brought to a production model, beating the likes of the Lucid Air (520 miles) and Tesla Model S Long Range (405 miles). Concentrating on efficiency rather than power alone is key for these sedan/saloon models and the Mercedes Vision EQXX has shown just how far it can be pushed. 

It's no surprise that younger, more agile car companies, like Tesla and Lucid, have led the electric revolution but the experience of companies like Ford, General Motors, VW and Mercedes is now rearing its head. These automotive giants have now fully committed to electric power and we can expect a big push of models with the benefit of production volume.

You can watch the full announcement video from Mercedes on the MercedesMe media pagenow. 

Mercedes Vision EQXX

(Image credit: Mercedes Benz)
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