Marshall's Studio JTM guitar amps have serious 60s style

These new Studio JTM are inspired by the original 1962 guitar amps to honour what would have been Jim Marshall's 100th birthday

Marshall Studio JTM
(Image credit: Marshall)

They don't make them like they used to, do they? There's a reason that some of the classic designs from the sixties still hold up today, and that's because they nailed that design. That's no clearer than with Marshall Amps. 

The design of Marshall's guitar amps has changed very little over the years – and has led to a wide range of headphones and Bluetooth speakers like the Marshall Middleton. But before the iconic amp styling that we now know and love, Jim Marshall's original JTM45 had an even more classic look. 

So to honour what would have been Jim's 100th birthday, Marshall has created a new range of amps that look and feel like the original 1962 model. The new Studio JTM range comes in four products, including a 20W head unit, a 20W combo amp and two cabinets. 

Marshall STudio JTM amps

(Image credit: Marshall)

That original Marshall sound

These new amps aren't just about looks. They use some of the same components as the originals, including the valves, phase splitter and speakers, so they can deliver the trademark vintage tone that musicians like Jimi Hendrix, Joe Bonamassa and Gary Moore loved from the originals. 

Though these are full-sized amps that could easily be used on stage, they can also be played at home. The amps feature built-in power reduction technology to take the power down from 20W to 5W for more manageable volumes. 

They also feature modern touches such as DI out and FX loop inputs and are more compact and lighter weight than the originals. For any guitarist, these amps look great in your practice room, especially paired with a vintage Gibson or Fender. 

I'd love to see this style brought to some of Marshall's Bluetooth range, as that design would look great in any home. 

Marshall STudio JTM amps

(Image credit: Marshall)

 The Studio JTM amps are available now, priced as follows: ST20H 20W head (£1075/$2350), ST20C 20W combo (£1279/$2650), ST112 1x12” cabinet (£565/$1480), ST212 2x12” cabinet (£765/$1850).  

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