Loewe reveals even more fancy pants new 4K Connect TV

Feature packed. Exclusively on preview at Harrods. Priced accordingly...

Priced at the more premium end - although not ridiculously so - these German-built tellies look the part and have 5.1 HD audio decoding built in.

Hot on the heels of the less expensive, though still premium and all-4K, Art range. Loewe is also showing off the even more upscale upscaling TVs from its Connect line.

The sets come in 40-, 48- and 55-inch sizes and are again all 4K and made in Germany - both features that will now be constants across all Loewe ranges; they're the only TV manufacturer of any size to offer ultra-HD screens only.

The demo we had at London's fashionable Harrods showed off some excellent skin tone rendering, with an episode of The Apprentice showing a full range from lightly tanned to Lord Sugar's full-on mahogany. Audio was also fairly impressive, but it's really not possible to draw any firm conclusions from a demo in Harrods, and these also weren't quite production models.

The design is very tasty, although arguably not that much more pleasing than the Art range, given the price gap. The sound bar on the front comes in a choice of silver, black, petrol blue and cappucino.

As with the Art range, Loewe is pushing the audio capabilities of the Connect. It boasts a DTS HD and Dolby HD 5.1 decoder built in and ready to interact with Loewe's sub-cum-amplifier, which connects via an ethernet cable rather than a fistful of phonos.

There isn't a great deal of catchup TV and movie streaming services, though Loewe is no doubt keen to get aboard the good ship Netflix 4K. There is however a 1TB hard drive for recording from the two Freeview HD tuners, the ability to send shows from one Loewe TV to another - well it'd be silly to only have one, wouldn't it? - and also to your Windows, iOS or Android tablet. It is also possible to watch one show on the telly and a different one on your mobile device, either from one of the dual tuners or the HDD. The mobile app also lets you schedule recordings of shows remotely.

Interestingly, it seems to be the case that shows recorded on the HDD, including 4K ones, can be copied to a USB stick or external HDD and played back on any device. We've asked for confirmation on that one though, as it sounds like something that might make Hollywood copyright lawyers a bit twitchy.

Loewe has had a "mixed" year, with financial issues leading to a buyout by Stargate Capital and the arrival of a new CEO in the shape of Stargate's Mark Hüsges. When T3 spoke to him, he was especially effusive about the Art range - "It's affordable premium," he noted - which is the first product line to be built entirely under the new regime. Art actually features the same screens and 80w sound system as the Connect. Mr Hüsgesquestioned the need to build large amounts of catch-up TV into screens when so many third-party devices are available to do it for you, from PS4 to Sky HD. "It's all about making the screen as good as you can, to show off that content," he said.

Although Art should be a much bigger seller, the Connect looks a formidable set within its niche. It's got to be worth a look if you're a high-end punter or a custom installer - the UK market for having interconnected AV devices is the biggest in Europe by far, and Loewe is naturally keen to tap in to this with the Connect's, er, connectedness.

Sets come in 40-, 55- and 65-inch models with pricing being £1,999, £2,799 and £TBC but presumably about £4K respectively. They're on sale from December, exclusively in independent retailers from small to Harrods. Loewes require a "guided sell", you see. One place they're not available: Loewe's website.