Linn has announced a new Majik DS that can create amazing sound in any room

Using Linn's SPACE technology, the Majik can be tweaked to perfection

Linn has announced a brand new version of its Majik DS that is able to configure itself to sound at its best with your speakers and in the room in which you place it.

Using a new system from Linn called "space optimisation technology" the Majik is able to configure your speakers to sound perfect no matter what size and shape your room is and what furniture you may have. It even removes the need to fastidiously place your stereo speakers in a sweet spot. Instead you can simply rely on the Majik to produce the same sound it would in a perfectly designed listening environment. Or so Linn claims, at least.

The space optimiser is intended to be used by a Linn engineer, but it is also available for use by anyone who fancies setting up their own system. And more good news is that a software update to the last generation of Majik hardware - and others in Linn's range - will bring this functionality to existing devices too.

Another key component that is part of the Majik is the Exakt system, which aims to send perfect audio to compatible speakers digitally, so that the sound can be decoded at the last possible moment. This is supposed to prevent any interference happening as the signal leaves your device's amp, and heads to the speakers over copper cables. With Exakt Linn sends the signal over traditional Ethernet, and when it arrives Linn's speakers - which are an option addition - are able to decode the signal and produce great quality sound.

Linn's Majik DS is £1,990 and available from today. The DSM version costs £2,965 and is also available now. The DSM costs more because it also includes a power amp to drive your existing speakers. If you go for the Linn digital speakers, you can stick with the DS and feed the signal via the Exakt system.

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