The LG Watch Urbane LTE is a WebOS-running, 4G time teller

Time for a new watch.

Following on from the recently unveiled Watch Urbane, LG has pulled the covers off a new version of the luxury watch that supports 4G LTE and runs LG's WebOS...

We quite liked the LG Watch Urbane at first glance. We also briefly mentioned that the decision to stick to Android Wear was a welcome decision in our books, and our friends over at TechRadar have talked about the challenges that a split from Android Wear would present.

Turns out, LG has turned the tables of us with a new version of the Urbane. Not only the does the LG Watch Urbane LTE have a 4G connection for faster browsing and emailing, it also ditches Android Wear in favour of LG's own mobile operating system. This is built on WebOS, the mobile OS that started life as Palm OS. Talk about throwback Thursday.

With a 4G connection, the Urbane LTE can make and receive calls and text messages without being paired to a smartphone - following the trend set by such pioneering devices as the Huawei 4.5G Talkband and, ahem...'s PULS 'Smart Cuff'. NFC also comes as standard, for potential mobile payments, and it has a bigger battery – 700mAh – helping it last several days in standby mode.

There are three buttons on the right. The top one accesses the settings, the middle switches between the watch and apps, and the bottom one is the back button. Hold down the bottom one and it will send out a safety beacon to a preset emergency contact.

Other than that, it's almost identical to the standard Urbane. It has the same 1.3-inch LED display, the same 1.2GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 chip and 4GB of memory. It only comes in silver, whereas the standard Urbane is available in black or silver.

So why the move to its own wearable OS? It's likely LG wants to reduce its reliance on Google and its Android operating system. Samsung has done the same, launching a device running the Tizen OS, though the vast majority of its smartphones and tablets run Android.

As for how LG Wearable Platform is to use, we've no idea. The company didn't provide any screenshots, so we can't even see what it looks like. It will no doubt show it off at Mobile World Congress, which starts on Sunday, so we'll know more soon.