LG unveils the Pocket Printer 2

Printer is thinner and has a better battery life than the original

LG has unveiled the second generation of its smartphone printer ahead of CES.

The Pocket Printer 2 is a mobile printer designed to allow users to print photos on the go from their smartphone. Think of it like a Polaroid for the modern generation.

The device will be shown off at CES 2014. The trade show starts on January 7th.

It is the follow up to the original Pocket Printer that LG launched earlier this year.

The second generation mode is thinner and comes with improved battery life. According to LG, it will be able to print up to 30 pictures on a single charge.

The LG Pocket Printer 2 prints photos at 600 dpi according to the company. Unlike a normal printer, it doesn't use ink or toner cartridges. Instead, it uses heat through a process that brings out the right colour on the special printing paper.

LG claims that the process means that the colours come out quicker and more vibrant than traditional ways of printing.

It comes with two connectivity options – NFC and Bluetooth. The printer supports Android, iOS and Windows Phone 8. However, Android users will have some extra options, like being able to edit their pictures in the Pocket Photo app.

We'll have more details like price and launch date when LG shows the device off at CES conference next week.